13 September 2005

Why yes, my nephew is a monkey.

''To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility,'' Bush said.

It's probably a trick of some kind, right?

If you have a look at the full article (AP story via NYT, reg. required), you'll see that the whole thing doesn't have the force of an apology or an admission that he and all of his handlers seriously effed up by staying on vacation while people were, you know, stranded and drowning, but still. The headline is alarming. "Bush Takes Responsibility..." I didn't think he ever, EVER did that publicly.

Granted, Halliburton has the contract for cleaning up the mess, so it's not like he has learned his lesson or mended his ways of cronyism and fuckingupism, which gets us into "the shit" in the first place.

I am, however, tentatively intrigued. I await Thursday night's address with interest, because if he sort of "takes responsibility" today, has he not sort of blown the proverbial newsmaking load? What is he going to say?

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