06 September 2005

This is what happens when the Yankees have the day off...

Redefining the phrase "slow news day," NYT's sports section has a strange story about Charles Carroll, a Red Sox part-time employee, putting "a curse" on the Sox for neglecting to give him a World Series Ring. They gave out 500 rings after winning the Series, but for some reason, Mr. Carroll only got some measly watch.
"Carroll feels the Red Sox had led him to believe he would get a ring, then didn't give it to him."
Was he also promised a weekend place in the country? Picket fences, two kids and a dog? If only he'd give it up that one time... Those BASTARDS! Cutting a broad swath of lies and broken hearts across New England.

Not to minimize this man's pain... but really? Really? The New York Times covers the story of a guy who is taking back his fanhood and cursing the Red Sox anew. Apparently we can forget the Curse of the Bambino.

Tempted as I am to copy the whole story here, I'm going to do some real work today. So, here's the link (reg. required): How Winning World Series Cost the Red Sox a Fan.

As for the Hose themselves, they had a tough game against the White Sox yesterday. Still 3 games ahead in the AL East, but I sure would like Schill to start holding it together for more than 5 innings. On the bright side: his pitch count is up and he wasn't completely cuffed around.

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