06 September 2005

Welcome to The Blog's TK...no spitting please.

As I mentioned in my first post, there will indeed be a purpose to this blog. Soon I'll be linking to things I've written, and doing some original writing and reporting - all with the goal of getting additional writing and reporting work in the future. Bear with me, legions of readers, while I work out the kinks and focus my ambitions and realize my limitations. Cultural relevance and voice are, as you may have guessed, TK.

If I may begin by somewhat jumping a shark, though: I have been noticing an inordinate amount of Subway spitting lately. Usually young men, usually a compulsive launching of loogies from the platform to the tracks. I don't know if I just missed it before, but boy it sure gets my gorge up, and as you may imagine, has recently got my dander up.

While I was pondering the shape and focus of this little venture of mine, I began to define it in terms of what I did not want. The first thing into my head?
No spitting. I want there to be no spitting because that sure is a gross habit.
Yeah, I know it is pretty much impossible to spit in cyberspace, but that was the first thing in my mind. As if I were defining the rules of my own little utopian nation. Of all the things I can't stand, that was my limit. Not war, pestilence, or John Mayer.

So there you have it. Public drunkenness, the New York Yankees, nasty comments about my slow enfeebling or use of the serial comma? Fine, fine, yeah, no problem. Spitting, however? Not here, people. Nosirree.

Vanquishing the things the get my gorge up one at a time. Next on my list? War, pestilence, John Mayer, and the Yankees. Look the fuck out.

Don't worry. Public drunkenness is OK by this utopian nation.

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