14 September 2005

"Then we had this wicked keggah, bra."

In an apparently unironic display of college-aged mischief and animal cruelty, a group of pranksters from Stonehill College stole a sheep and a chicken from a farm in Easton. The spray-painted the sheep, dressed it in a bra, and left it in a dorm.

"While the chicken is unharmed, Babineau said, the sheep seemed distraught from the experience."

The kicker? This is the SECOND time someone at Stonehill has stolen a sheep from the same farm and dressed it in a bra.

Come on, people. Why don't you just give up all pretense of michievious creativity and put a Volkswagon on the roof of the dining hall, or run a pair of boxers up the flagpole on the quad? That said, the article itself is hilarious... the somber quotes from Stonehill officials, the "distraught" sheep.

Read the full story on Boston.com (reg. required) and feel comfortably superior to these people.

As an afterthought, the NH farm girl in me is somewhat impressed. It is extremely difficult to get a sheep to do anything it doesn't want to do. They are wily, strong, and constantly shitting, which makes them a formidable opponent in any physical struggle.

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Joshua said...

It's so fucking awesome that you're a farm girl. Sometimes I forget that, but then I am reminded and I think "awesome".