19 September 2005

Something to Read in the Late Afternoon If You're Bored: I'm All Right Jack Keep Your Hands Off of My Stack

Apparently, New York Magazine does their annual salary survey every year (since 1972), but I just haven't been paying attention. Though, when it comes to learning what other denizens of New York make yearly or pay in rent, 9 times out of 10 I'd rather not know. There's no need to go looking for reasons to feel insecure.

Some highlights: John Lennon and Andy Warhol raked in $20 and $16 million, respectively. And Page Six gossip columnist Richard Johnson makes the same as Tom Friedman ($300,000). Also, the editorial director of Conde Nast makes half of what Anna Wintour makes.

Ah New York. Inflated salaries at the top, shriveled ones at the bottom, and absurd cost of living for everyone. I suppose it keeps us hungry. In the non-metaphorical sense as well (a Chinese food delivery man makes a scant four figures... so tip well!). And yet... and yet I love it here. Deeply and desperately. Nope. I can't explain it either.

So read the New York salary guide. They've got everyone from Pedro Martinez to 50 cent (who made more than [P.] Diddy).


claire said...

well, i guess i can't complain as long as i'm taking home more than a delivery guy. at least with my tips he can get more money, right? i'm not just lazy, i'm helping the little people...

Joshua said...

Jeez, I can't believe Coen gets that much just to blog. Sure it's not tons, but for media it is, and well blogging is barely that. wow.