16 September 2005

That's about right.

I spoke too soon last week. Schill spit the bit again last night against the A's. Now, I have to say, if we're losing to anyone, I like that it's the A's. Those guys are scrappy and talented and if the Sox manage to hang on to the AL East with their fingernails (which isn't looking all that good, I'll admit), I would like for the A's to come out on top of the Wild Card. They deserve it. Billy Beane deserves it. They are a worthy adversary and I salute them.

However, it's late in the season and the Red Sox have got to frickin' buck up. Don't go getting our hopes up with a 4 game lead and then squander it.

Tonight, it's Wakefield (who does not enjoy having his neck waxed) on the mound. He is the most consistent, and most consistently overlooked member of the pitching staff. Here's hoping he can stop the bleeding.

(image from boston.com)

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