08 September 2005

This has to stop.

Apparently, Katie Holmes is considering a name change, to "Kate Cruise," both personally and professionally, once she is married to The Littlest Nutcase (link here - third item), because Tom calls her Kate and suggested she use it professionally. Groan.

The whole thing is quite possibly not true, as the source is unnamed in In Touch, which is not a bastion of good journalism, but still, what man goes ahead and names his future wife? An incredibly unhinged man... but usually unhinged men of his ilk don't have quite the same public forum, which is what makes this all so upsetting.

Agreed, yes, she's an adult and can make her own decisions, and is willingly participating in the most amazing PR scam in recent memory. All the same, I'm begging In Touch, and all the rest, to STOP COVERING HIM. It's the only way he'll learn.

Mrs. Cruise? Is this fame blitz really worth it? Really?

To own the truth, I was sort of pulling for "Katherine Mapother." Yes, Mapother is his real surname.


Joshua said...

I kinda like "Kate Cruise." Sounds like a super hero. But the again, so does Kate Holmes.

Sheena said...

Best Week Ever's blog thinks that "Kate Cruise" sounds like the name of a male porn star, which I don't really see...I'm tellin' you, Mapother is where it's at.

Dabbler said...

You better watch it, Sheena: this guy is vindictive. Keep talking smack, and he will totally wreck your couch.