15 September 2005

Oh Sweet Merciful Ted Williams.

You may remember yesterday morning's obligatory Red Sox-related post about Johnny Damon's encouraging prognosis regarding his shoulder. I wrote that I was pleased and relieved to have Gabe Kapler back from Japan (since July, but he hasn't played all that much... why play him with Damon on a wicked tear?) with Damon ailing.

Oh the hubris. The hubris got me. Last night, Kapler, who plays baseball like it's a contact sport (bless him), ruptured his Achilles' tendon. Whilst running the bases on Graffanino's homer, he collapsed, feeling as if he'd been struck in the heel with a baseball. Everyone thought he'd tripped, but as it turned out, he couldn't walk unassisted. He did, however, want to complete the play and run home, but Francona nixed that and they put in Machado to pinch run. Recovery time for such an injury? 12 to 18 months. Number of good back-up centerfielders left? 0. They're calling up Hydzu from the PawSox, but I'm not optimistic. His last big club stint was hitless. Johnny - pull yourself together. Stat.

Frickin' late season drama.

Deadspin's post on the incident is good (with a bonus link regarding Kapler's status as much-loved pin up boy for the gays AND the Jews). Have a gander.

(image from giants.jp)


claire said...

i have to say, and i'm not a prude or anything, that the shirtless picture of gabe kind of made me feel dirty.

i mean, i'm all about the hot jewish baseball players, but i think it would have been better if he'd left more to the imagination, yes?

Sheena said...

yes, his status as a gay pin-up is really really weird. I mean, why has he posed for so many shirtless photos? Certainly not for Sports Illustrated.

And though Deadspin's editors indicated that he may be gay himself, he has a wife and two kids.

Joshua said...

There is no such thing as a Gay Jew. Don't be silly. I am mad I was tricked into checking out a gay man web site at work. Mad and confused.

Sheena said...

Just clear your browser history and we'll all attest that it did NOT move.

I agree, though. Deadspin should have issued a warning about the link.

kaspit said...

For you and Clair, see my update and IMHO great photo (shirts on) of 3 Jewish ballplayers here:


FYI I linked to your post here. Feel free to reciprocate if you ever have an occasion...
Take care,