09 September 2005

Introducing: Something to Read in the Late Afternoon if You're Bored

Dearest legions of loyal readers,

I have heard your plea. You, the coordinators, assistants, students, para-whatevers of The Blog's TK's (can I do that? two apostrophes, one contraction, one possessive... right after one another? why yes, I can! This is Internet self-publishing, baby!) constituency, are bored. In that is-it-five-yet sort of way. You could comb the vast reaches of the Internet(s) for entertainment, but why do that when you can mosey on over to my little corner of cyberspace to slake your lust for the amusing, the cerebral, the upsetting, or the bizarre.

Each weekday afternoon, I will endeavor to bring you something that will please or titillate. Because you're good people and you deserve it.

Today's morsel is from McSweeney's Internet Tendency, a particular favorite of mine. A contributor imagines the aristocrats joke as told by Bob Newhart. It is hilarious:

"The Aristocrats" As I Think Bob Newhart Would Perform It.

Hm. It occurs to me that you may not have seen the movie "The Aristocrats" or heard the joke. I suggest you remedy this immediately. See the movie. It is foul (but in a good way).

Otherwise, this is a good thing to read in the late afternoon if you're bored and don't know anything about the aristocrats joke (also from McSweeney's):

Totalitarian Institutions That Would Have Been More Fitting For George Orwell's 1984, Considering How That Year Turned Out

(image via Google from learnnc.org)

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