24 September 2005

Store Review: Eagle Provisions Company

Though it's easy to believe that South Slope in Brooklyn drops off after Prospect Avenue, those who live in the neighborhood know to venture just a bit farther along 5th Avenue, for the "epicurian delights" of Eagle Provisions Co. may be found at the corner of 18th Street in Brooklyn.

It may not be as inexpensive as the C-Town on 9th Street, but Eagle Provisions boasts a selection rarely found in New York grocery stores without big crowds or markups worthy of Union Square real estate. The shelves are filled with hard-to-find European snacks, candies, and spreads. The deli counter offers homemade keilbasa by the pound, bacon sliced while you wait, fresh sauerkraut, and pierogi.

Originally intended to serve the Polish community in that part of Brooklyn, Eagle Provisions is by far the best place to go in Park Slope if you want to get creative with your summer barbeque. The meat section and deli counter are just the beginning, because the store offers an unparalleled beer selection. They have all the standard sixers, from Brooklyn to Red Hook to Magic Hat, but you would do well to get adventurous and take home a few bottles of some of the rarer Polish or Czech brews to accompany your pierogi.

I would avoid the high prices and inconsistent quality of the produce, and visit some 5th Ave's greengrocers instead.

Eagle Provisions Co.
628 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 499-0026

Best bets: Beer, Polish specialties like kielbasa and pierogi, sauerkraut, deli meats, chocolate and snacks.
Pricing: Reasonable (good six packs of beer for $9-10, 6 pierogi for $2.99, top round cuts of beef for $4.49, etc.), but it can be more expensive than chains in the area when it comes to produce and other basics.
Getting There: Convenient to the R train at Prospect Avenue and the B63 bus.

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