09 September 2005

Doing my paht.

There are 23 games left to play in the season, and my scarlet-stockinged heroes are coming to town. I have been looking forward to this series for weeks.

My refrigerator is stocked with Sam Adams Boston Lager and Ale, I have removed the cat hair from my "B"cap, and my little New England-loving head is full of late-season hype. I am ready.

We are holding steady at 4 games ahead in the East and Cleveland pulled ahead in the Wild Card. This is the most magical of seasons (fall baseball, two of my favorite things all at the same time). It's a season in which I burn things with the Yankees logo or pictures of Babe Ruth. No fooling. I feel I need to help the team, and since I'm not handy with a bat, why not put my lunacy and compulsive superstition to good use?

Last year I could burn things on my roof on the UES, and I believed that the ashes somehow floated uptown to curse the Death Star itself. Now, living in Brooklyn without easy roof access, I am feeling a bit adrift. What to do? I may well be arrested or beaten for an ablaze A-Rod effigy on the sidewalk in Brooklyn... So, I'm posting the above picture from last season instead. No need to Reverse the Curse. Today, I'm going to...

Invoke the Choke

May the baseball gods make it so.

And now, a little link fiesta in honor of the series:

The Soxaholix comic today is straight from my head, it would seem.

If you didn't love Big Papi Ortiz (and the fantastic Vladimir "Best Name in Baseball" Guerrero) already, now you will (reg. required).

Gawker Media does sports. I'm quite enjoying it.

Finally, get the 411 and get excited. It's time. (reg. required)

(image from boston.com)

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Joshua said...

I promise to pray and invoke the great spirits of my rarely mentioned Massachusetts ancestors tonight. Then I will drunkenly call you at 9:30 and find out how the game is going. Then I will yell things depending on the score.