21 March 2006

Yeahr but no but yeahr but no but shut up!

Things that must be accomplished before I leave for Switzerland:

1. Worky things.
2. Outfitting a couple of Romaniacs in Castle Greyskull gear.
3. Teaching abovementioned Romaniacs how to use silverware again.
4. More worky things
5. Find birthday present for soon-to-be-17 sister (umm... who's got ideas? a pony? what do the kids like these days?)
6. Become comfortable with the fact that my "baby" sister is going to be 17 (hand me a bag to breathe into, mmkay?)
7. Send really big fruit basket to Theo Epstein (though would rather send myself cleverly hidden in a really big cake). Wily Mo Pena! Sorry Bronson. You've got a special place in our hearts, in spite of the music career. Good luck with the high-kickin' out there in Cincinnati.
8. Pack. Pray that the suitcase doesn't go to the Ukraine.

Things that may keep me from accomplishing these goals:
1. Little Britain on the DVR.


ducklet said...

You should get your baby sister a MySpace account! I hear it's all the rage among the youth set, it's free (don't tell her) and apparently the best way for a youngun to meet 53 year old men.

Then again, maybe there's a reason i'm the world's worst gift giver...

Sheena said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she has a myspace account (as well as friendster, facebook, etc.) already. There was a time in our lives when I was the hip and with it older sister. I still think I'm cool, but she believes otherwise. Ah well.

Also, I think I'd get in big trouble with Mom for encouraging liasons with 53 year old men.

cc said...

itunes gift certificate and chastity belt.

they're all the rage.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

get her something punk... like something from cbgb's...