13 March 2006

What condition our condition was in.

Finally, finally I got Hello to behave and here, in no particular order, are some photos from one of the many events during Claire's Week-Long Birthday Extravaganza.

Buckets o' Rocks were consumed, be-cummerbunded barkeeps were befriended (say that five times fast), gutterballs were rolled. It was just another wild night down at Melody Lanes.

Here is Chris en route to a spare (after the strong start of sliding headfirst halfway down the lane). In our second game, he broke 150. Bravo Mr. Chris!

Larissa observes the competition.

Carrie is in the witness protection program, and therefore must hide her face behind a bowling ball.

Muscles Mensa MacGyver takes us to the gun show.

Claire, Chris, and the Ghost of Christmas Past, apparently. The alley's disco ball really did something special to the lighting in these pictures.

Ian expresses his distaste for Seth and I copying his signature brown sweatshirt. Don't fuck with the Ian.

He really started a fashion trend, that Ian.

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claire said...

I wish we'd gotten a picture of Peter, the becummerbund/bowtied bartender. he made sure we had enough buckets of rocks. he treated us right.