19 March 2006

Oh! Unlucky!

There's no rest for the wicked [awesome], Greyskull fans. Your favorite squad (or, "side") began the outdoor season today against a team called "Working Poor."

We were assigned orange jerseys, so these guys showed up to cheer us on.

It was our first game together outdoors, and it was witch-tit cold up on the dark side of the moon (ahem, 'scuse me... at CCNY). We had some good runs up the field (which was an almost incomprehensibly enormous space after Baruch's little auxiliary gym), and a few solid attempts on goal, but we ended up losing the match, 4-0. It should be noted, however, that we did not lose 11-1, as we did in our first indoor game. We're setting ourselves up as comeback kids, just not in quite the same spectacular fashion.

It should also be noted that, at one point in the match, it was actually snowing. Such that Carrie, one of the newest additions to the roster, screamed out (in the middle of play) "Wait, are you serious? It's snowing!" Ms. Carrie is from Hot-lanta, where it is one million degrees half the year and there's Coke running through the streets.

Both Carrie and Hamish (another new member of the team) got our season started right with the shedding of blood on the field of battle. Well done, kids!

It was a difficult start, but not insurmountable. I hope the weather improves for the next match. Much of the fun is subtracted from the equation when your fingers are blue and your nose is running uncontrollably.

As a rather ironic finish to the day, Hamish spotted a few members of "Working Poor" leaving the field in a Lexus.

AP photo from cnnsi.com

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