03 March 2006

I'm an auteur.

Yes. I've discovered YouTube. This will mean more moving pictures of my pets, soccer players, and the Red Sox.

To get everyone in the mood for a weekend involving debauchery and feats of mediocre athleticism, here is a silly video of me playing tug o' war with an overzealous Border Collie named Mick, while another Border Collie (Josie) occasionally gets involved. These, along with the rather prissy, though adorable Chihuahua, comprise the canine members of my family.


Joshua said...

How did you get inside my computer?

I wonder what this is like with the sound on.

What's funny is when I saw that there was a video I was like "Wow, I get to see Sheena on TV." Forgetting that I know what you look like and see you all the time. Still, I was excited.

Sheena said...

I shrunk like Mike Teevee.

The dialogue goes a little something like this:

Me: Mick. Mick. Cut it out. I'm trying to... No! Seriously. I'm doin' it!

Claire: *giggle*

It is a riveting film.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Reminscient of the Lumeier brother's films, the harsh realism of the scene plays out like Sisyphus and the rock, portraying the eternal struggle of humanity with its inner beast (deftly externally portrayed by the border collie, Mick). I give Sissypants and the Stick four out of five rolls of Andre Bazin in his grave.