06 March 2006

The devil you drink; sput and dervish, sputnik denial.

It was a great and somewhat beer-y weekend.

Friday night, we branched out a little and hit up Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg for some rare/fancy beer. Pilsners, outmeal stouts, kolsches, and barleywines were consumed. Yum.

Here is Seth enjoying what appears to be the Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir. It was quite tasty and served in a wine glass. It was also quite potent.

Here's Claire, pre-Midas Touch, and Andy, pre-pickle plate.

Andy and Josh in the king's chair.

The only complaint about the bar would be the sub-zero temperatures in the loos. This unpleasantness is slightly made up by the chalkboard walls in the bathrooms, but still... how about a space heater, folks?

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Joshua said...

Remember our cherry 7-up beers? Those were wierd, but sweet.

Sheena said...

I was just thinking I could use one.

I quite like that beer. The glass was fun too. I should have taken photos of those. Or we should have had Claire take them home in her purse.

claire said...

dude. next time. buy me one more midus touch and those glasses are yours.