06 March 2006

Castle Grey Skull F.C.: Masters of the Universe.

Exciting news from the world of the Grey Skull. We won our elimination playoff game, which will send us to the semi-final next week.

We faced Bleu Cheese in the elimination match. They're a solid team with a couple of fast attackers, and all in all a really fun team to play against. They're good-natured and non-violent, which is always a plus. There aren't as many wince-inducing hard shots to nowhere as there have been with some of the other teams.

But we managed to come out on top, 4-1. This was by virtue of what I must acknowledge as some truly brilliant passing and teamwork. I was most impressed with us. I was also impressed with myself for not freaking out because it was a so-called important game (facing elimination, that is).

A few game highlights included Mike's many, many shots on goal that were just a tad unlucky. He kept their defense nervous for the entire second half. We also managed to sustain many "junk balls" during the game, which was, you know, not so fun. Marty was, yet again, stellar in goal. We all marked quite well, I thought, even though some of their players had some formidable speed and ball control. We kept the field wide and found the spaces.

I lacked the presence of mind to force Josh to take some photos, but rest assured I was wearing a She-Ra headdress whilst taking the occasional "junk ball" (or lady equivalent) and marking their best player as if I could really keep up with him.

Many thanks to the folks who turned out to support us. It was a great match.

After our match, we got to see the Nora-nemeses Purple Haze play against Just in Time.

Now there was an intense match. The two teams, not unlike Grey Skull and Bleu Cheese, were pretty well matched. And they both REALLY wanted to make it to the semi finals. I'm wondering if someone had money riding on that game. Anyway, things got so heated over a direct kick (I think it was direct... someone correct me if I'm wrong), that there was shoving, and manly posturing (that thing where dudes stand chest-to-chest and stare deeply into each other's eyes... I believe this is some kind of psychological warfare, right?). This forced the tiny (and spunky) Ukrainian referee to yellow-card a few of the main offenders. As the fracas progressed, he took his red card out of his pocket and held it at the ready, rather like a gunslinger. He eventually yelled them into submission and the game progressed. Just in Time came out victorious, which made we Grey Skulls happy.... it's karma for last week's game.

Next week, we go to the semis against the number one team, whom we have not faced (they forfeited on the day of the "blizzard"). I'm a bit nervous, but more sad to be facing the end of the season. Fingers crossed that we can find a slot in an outdoor league.

image from mvcreations.com. Thanks!

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