29 March 2006

Next halte: Zuerich Hauptbahnhof.

Hooray for lovely weather!

After a few rain showers this morning, Bridget and I headed into Zuerich under sunny skies. We brought the Crumb Patrol aka Carson (the wee dog who doesn't understand fetch) with us.

Bridget decided to brave the 1000 degree temperatures of Mango to shop for clothes that fit people with no waist, so Carson and I went out among our Swiss friends to enjoy the spring day and take some photos.

Here is Carson in his conveyance of choice (namely, the kind that keeps him from literally peeing on, like, Cartier):

Carson and I picked up several chicks while on our little ramble. None were between the ages of 10 and 60, but we're not picky. He's a pretty popular guy.

Anyway, here's a fountain outside of the English bookshop.

And a nice view of the Grossmunster:

A giant game of chess, which had a fairly animated audience:

A too-sunny shot of St. Peter's (which has the largest clock face in Europe) and the Hotel Zum Storchen from accross the Limmat. Both places are featured in John Iriving's newest book, Until I Find You (which I just finished).

This is a picture of a fountain outside the Hauptbahnhof, and a passing tram (I was playing with shutter speed. Hooray!).

Um... an older, larger Maebee Funke sells bananas at the Hauptbahnhof farmer's market.


Cupcake said...

How did you like Until I Find You? I read it about 3 months ago. My thoughts were "eh" which is how I feel about most of the new Irving novels. I enjoyed learning about European tattoo culture. Maybe while you're in town you should get an "Arschgeweigh".

Joshua said...

Can I borrow it when you return?

tobs said...

that fountain looks like it is peeing. just saying.