17 March 2006

kittykittykittykittykittykitty...touch it!

This is The Great Catsby. She belongs to Will (stole the photo from him... thanks Will!). Isn't she cute?
She's come to stay at ours (which may be called a legitimate cattery at this point...oy) while Will and his housemates are out of the apartment for a few days. She is very young (under a year), and doesn't really know how to interract with other cats. So, she gets defensive and she growls. It's all pretty normal for introducing a new feline to the established "pride."

The rub: growling makes her barf. Yeah, it causes some kind of tickle in her throat, so she's growling and sounding grouchy and then she's heaving. It's gross.

She's super cute, though. Here's hoping she settles down and starts playing with them. Obie (the peacemaker) brought a ball out for her this morning and everything.

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