17 March 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Or, as Ian just called it, St. Drinky McNosnakes' Day.

I'm going to whet our appetites, as it were, with some Guinness. Namely, this pretty kickass Guinness ad. It's not my favorite Guinness ad (I can't seem to find that one anywhere), and it sorta ends weirdly (and Brokeback-y), but anyway. Enjoy.


claire said...

Is your favorite the Hurling one? because that's my favorite and i can't find it anywhere. i was going to one-up you and put that one on my blog. sad. that should just teach me i can never one-up you.

Sheena said...

Yes, the hurling one is my favorite, an I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched "hurling" on youtube and only got some disturbing vomiting videos. Ick.

The horses are pretty cool, though, right?