28 March 2006

Hop Hop Hop! Die Anders sind Flop! ...And all that jazz.

That would be the nonsense cheer of FC Zuerich, graciously taught to me by my now-17-year-old sister, Hayley (breathing into paper bag). Hayley is currently stealing the show as Matron Mamma Morton in Chicago at her school (hence the rest of the title... you might say I have a rather weird amalgam of things stuck in my head at the moment).

I arrived home on Saturday morning, after a rather short (yet bumpy) flight from Geneva. I was in the very last row. There was a man with his upright bass strapped into a seat in front of me, which was funny. The flight attendants suggested that he consider taking up the harmonica. Oh, those French Swiss! Such humor!

Today, after getting a grip on my jet lag, I had grand plans of going out and wandering the city a little with Bridget, who's also on vacation, but it rained like the dickens all day, making it very difficult to get motivated to do anything. So today I played with the puppy, made some cookies (with grams and celsius... it's like being on Mars!), and watched most of the UEFA FC Barcelona v. Chelsea match, which I've already seen (but the Eurosport version is ever so much better... and I saw the first half before Lionel Messi got hurt... sweet).

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, some photos taken from the relative safety of the terrace:

This is a view of the village of Adliswil.

The traditional Swiss mudpit, located next to our house.

The chocolate chip cookies that made my day semi-productive (aside from the UEFA rerun, that is).

And finally, observe Carson (the family Chihuahua) play fetch, as only Carson can:


claire said...

that was a-mazing. just wait until he meets josie and mick. man will they teach him a thing or two about playing fetch.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

my cat can play fetch better than that.