05 February 2006

The sweet sweet agony of victory. Or, grah!

I started my little recap last night to accomodate those early-morning readers, intent on their Monday Grey Skull news fix, but I was tired and kind of crapped out.

Anyway, yesterday was the Castle Grey Skull F.C.'s fifth game of the season. It was an intense, well-played game against a team by the name of CCS Fundraising. They had a couple of the requisite big dudes, which didn't daunt us at all, I'm pleased to say.

No, footie fans, the Grey Skull emerged victorious once again. We won 3-1. We had held on to our 3rd-place spot. We also hauled our goal differential up to -1 (holla!). I managed to take a hard-driven ball to the shoulder before even getting in to play, as one gentleman took a corner kick and missed his mark by a whole lot. When I did get into the game, I made it my business (or bidness, if you'd prefer) to get all up in his grill, and he pushed back, so I have a delightful array of stealth-bruises (you can't see them... but I sure can feel them).

We played through some pain today, my friends. Tera, you may remember, was kicked very hard last week and her bruise has migrated and become quite kaleidoscopic in color. I took a drive to the hand on Saturday during a drill and ended up with a really nasty swollen bruise on my hand that I've been showing to anyone I happen upon. I am not, however, going to post a picture of it. Not yet, anyway. When it gets real pretty, you bet I'm gonna.

Anyway, the game. Very, very well played. Photo-documentation may be found chez Kitten Loss, as Bridget, Josh, and Seth attended in order to shout things like "Goooaaaal" and "Man on!" Ok, I don't know if they actually shouted those things, but they did nearly get hit by an errant ball.

Nora and Mike were our main scorers, and Marty was stellar once again in goal. The man's a wall, my friends. Will's fancy footwork led to some excellent pressure up the court and we had them defending hard most of the time.

I nicked this action-packed photo of Claire taking a shot on the goal from Josh (thanks Josh!).

Our opponents were aggressive, which makes for a fast game, and were fond of screaming. The big dude did alot of "arragghhh!" whenever he took a shot, but many of those went wild (for instance, into me).

It was an awesome game... I even trapped the ball (!!) and dribbled for a half a second. Which, if you are familiar with my soccer prowess, is pretty impressive.

Next week, Castle Grey Skull F.C. takes on Footlocker, the number one team in the league (they are undefeated... they even kicked El Diego Numero Dos's ass). It's gonna be a tough one. Can these scrappers make it happen?

Update: Claire's assessment (and awesome picture) is here.


Joshua said...

Oh, there was much shouting and I kept calling Tera Tegan.
We even had a little Castle Grey Skull song, which we will perform at a later date.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

I know you trapped the ball. I got very excited and exclaimed to Tera, who was standing beside me on the sideline, "She trapped the ball!" And then I did something else like pumping my fist or clapping. You'll be megging people and slotting the ball into the upper 90 in no time.

Anyway, good job.

Sheena said...

Thanks, dude.

See, I listened! Last week, you told me to work on trapping the ball. That lived somewhere in my subconscious and I did it!

Once I figure out what megging is, I'm totally gonna do it.