20 February 2006


Here are a few photos from this Saturday's Tobypalooza festivites. We especially enjoyed the guy who took a cannonball to the stomach (or, if you'd prefer, tummy).

Claire gives a knowing look after Tobs relates his account of a game of tummy sticks "gone horribly wrong."

Seth needs one shot of whisky per mention of the word "tummy."

Gil demonstrates a hot new dance he learned down at the cracker factory.

Claire invades my personal space.

This is where I get a little bit meta. Gil takes pictures for a blog post. Oooweeeooooo.

The special treat of Saturday evening was a round of Irish cocktails, which involve a pint of Guinness with a newly dug potato in it.

Josh attempted to swallow his potato whole. He thought it would help to Irish him up. It sort of worked. His liver is strong, but he can't stepdance or make colcannon quite yet. We're working on it.

All in all, a fantastic night. Less the very nice Mainers behind us who talked some shit about New Hampshire. The things people will do under the influence of alcohol.


Joshua said...

I'm getting there though. I bought a book on Gaelic in high school and read an article about modern Celts yesterday. Irish baby steps.

Cupcake said...

Let's talk about Seth. Is he single? Would he shave?

deirdre said...

Holy crap, Colcannon! I havent had it in too long. Josh can't make it but I wish he'd learn. Where's my mom when you need her?

Sheena said...

Colcannon is fantastic. I make a halfway decent one... I think (I've never had it made by anyone else). It's really good left over when you fry it into patties and melt sharp cheddar cheese on it. It sounds weird, but it's tasty.

Joshua said...

Also, once I steal Deirdre's Irish passport and do some minor edits I will be more Irish-ey.

Cupcake: Seth is single, though he is sort of married to the sea. He will shave, but it happens on a lunar calendar like Judaism.