08 February 2006

My Obsession With Gross Animals, Volume Something

I found out about this over at Elephant Larry (funny group, pretty good blog), and had to share, as it is right up my alley.

The Geoduck (pronounced GWEE-duck), is also known as the giant clam or the elephant trunk clam. They live for over a century. It's Evergreen College's mascot. They have an upsetting fight song.

According to Wikipedia:

Its large, meaty siphon is prized for its tasty (umami) flavour and crunchy texture. Extremely popular in Hong Kong, China and Japan, where it is considered a rare taste treat, Geoduck is mostly eaten cooked in a fondue-style Chinese hot pot or raw sashimi style, dipped in soy sauce and wasabi.


The giant clams are going to eat the children! Help!

image from www.cses.washington.edu


Joshua said...

First of all: gross. That's not even cool gross really, just regular, nasty gross.
Second of all: this is why Evergreen is one weird as hell school. Because that's their fight song. Though the fact is what written in 1971 makes it a little bit funnier to me.

claire said...

dude. that is a clam with a giant penis. gross. where the hell is evergreen college anyway?

Joshua said...

a hippie college. they had Mumia speak at their graduation via a recording.