16 January 2006


As I'm sure everyone's dying to know, the Castle Grey Skull F.C. won yesterday, which puts us in a three-way tie for second place. Our opponents, the very able Bleu Cheese, put up a good fight, but in the end our swift feet and powerful goal-kicking overpowered them. Here below are some photos of the game. Claire, having suffered a subway-steps fall was team cheerleader and documentarian.

In this picture above, you'll note Grey Skull's handsome green jerseys (yours truly is number 11), and the blue ones of our opponent. But wait! Who is the gentleman in the yellow jersey? One of the members of Bleu Cheese? No, my friends. That man is none other than Diego Maradona Jr. (whose work you may remember from Grey Skull's tough loss last week). For some reason, Bleu Cheese was allowed to put young El Diego Numero Dos in as their keeper. This was sort of ok, because he wasn't to be running around willy nilly with his fancy footwork and scoring millions of goals. It was also not ok because he is still fucking brilliant and, as Claire noted, is "a douchebag full of douche." He should not be playing in our league, dammit, and why do they get to use him even though they have two subs? Stupid jerk ref. Stupid jerk El Diego Numero Dos. Whatever. Grey Skull is nothing if not resilient and after some initial grumbling, we shook it off.

And while Marty had a rough spell in goal during the first few minutes, the powerful combination of Tera and EDND's case of butterfingers handily brought the score back in our favor.

But El Diego 2 was not to be outdone. Nay. On a few occasions, he collected the ball as it approached the keeper's box and dribbled it (with the fancy footwork and so forth) ALL THE WAY DOWN THE COURT, in a taunting manner, I'd say (because clearly he does these things to piss me off). Oh man did this piss us (or maybe just me, because I'm a child) off. But rather than let it get me down, I found a woman much smaller than me to mark. And mark her I did. Up and down the court she ran with me her oversized shadow. I even had a decent pass or two by some happy accident, and we kept the pressure up on Bleu Cheese throughout the game.

Shown here is Marty in goal and our resident "Big Dude" Will. Number 2 is Mike, who's got some fancy footwork of his own. Marty blocked some scary attempts from Team Cheese. During one of El Diego 2's forays down the court (with his enormous "prowess" swinging in the breeze for all to see), Will neatly and legally used his BigDudeness to take down Young Maradona. And how we cheered.

In the last minute of the match, Team Cheese had a moment of panic. Grey Skull had them on the proverbial ropes... what were they to do? This would give them an 0-0-2 record. Maradona was to don a blue shirt and take to the field. They futzed around... Maradona abandoned the goal. The game was still going on... so Tera blasted it in, giving us a 5-3 victory. The wee ref called time and it was over. Wooo!

One final highlight, because I know everyone's interested (hi Mom!): I was marking a gentleman who smelled strongly of garlic (this makes it easy... just follow your nose), and someone passed the ball to me. Because I have little to no control, he nicked it from me handily, at which point I (in a perhaps slightly unsportwomanlike manner) yelled "You fucker!" This did nothing for me getting the ball back, but it made me feel better. I think it could be my signature move.

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Flushy McBucketpants said...

does my back really look like that? i'd have thought it'd look taller...

Sheena said...

You were hunched a little there, I think. Don't worry, Will. In person you are at least 14 feet tall.

Joshua said...

We want more pictures of Sheena and Claire!

Sheena said...

There's one of me. I'm number 11 in the handsome blue socks.

claire said...

I was on the sidelines, nursing an injury and taking action shots. next week we'll get someone to take more pictures of us.

those blue socks are very handsome.