02 February 2006

I always thought I was somebody... and I was.

I need to get some extra-large rigid envelopes. Where must I look for them?

The Office Solutions Sourcebook

I tell you, one of these days, I'm going up to the top of a water tower with a high-powered rifle.

I'll be the individual sitting on top of the water tower, utilizing a high-powered rifle solution.


tobs said...

i'm confused. must?

Flushy McBucketpants said...

Exhibit A:

"I'll be the individual sitting on top of the water tower, utilizing a high-powered rifle solution."

Bold added for emphasis.

Sheena said...

That was the joke, Will.

And yes, I must order from them due to corporate mandate.

claire said...

i get to order from Weeks-Lehrman. it's a very reasonable 1,392 page catalogue.

with pretty pictures.

Cupcake said...

I had the same idea four months ago. This would not be such a hellacious ordeal if these catalogs were organized in any kind of rational way.

I've since decided that Office Depot is the devil, since they never get my order right or on time. Every two hours for the past two days my boss has been asking me, "Is my notebook here yet?". For the love of God, I should have just run to CVS and bought him a goddamned Mead 5 Star.

Sheena said...

that's really funny. Great minds, young Cupcake, great minds.

I object to the fact that it's called "Office Solutions Sourcebook" more than its absurd organization (though I hate that too). Why can't it be a supply catalog? That's what it is. I'm not solving anything but our lack of post its.

Anonymous said...

"Solutions"...It is all about the corporate buzz speak...

My personal favorites:
Paradigm...especially if it is shifting
Workforce reduction, Quality management, risk management,
On the same page, blah, blah, blah

Some even play buzz word bingo during meetings...