28 February 2006

What better way to thank Toby than with a corps of Scottish pipers? There is no better way!

No, wait. I was wrong. I'd like to thank him with a corps of exclamation points.

Thank you Toby, for the marvelous profile photo
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You know, searching for that photo (which came from guardian.co.uk) has gotten "Brave Scotland" stuck in my head. You too? What a coincidence!


tobs said...

see, i am an excellent photograph-guy.

Sheena said...

You are indeed.

Joshua said...

Now if only you posted footage of a Scottish bagpipe band. Then my day would have been made.
That is an excellent picture by the way, especially minus my goblin face in the background.

Sheena said...

ooh. bagpipe footage. Josh, you're a genius!

tobs said...

the man's a goblin.