13 February 2006

Hey! You! Get offa my plow!

An update to my grumblings about New York's ability to deal with snow.

I figured that Brooklyn was getting shoddy plow attention because it's, you know, Brooklyn.

Nope. I'd have to say that Park Avenue South is far worse than 4th Ave in my 'hood. Which is funny because traffic flies on both roads. The plow method of choice here in Manhattan is to keep the blade about 3 inches off the ground, leaving a good coating of snow. Then, eleventy billion cars drive over it and pack it down. Then, when the temperature drops.... skating rink! Sweet!

Also, leaving enough room for people to cross the street in single file is ineffective. We only end up blocking traffic.

There's a man from my town, Bucky, who has about 16 earrings in each ear, some tattoos, and an extremely loud voice. He owns a sand pit and a giant commercial-sized truck and plow. I think Bloomberg should put him in charge. Bucky knows how to get this shit done.

image from biodiesel.org

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Joshua said...

Yeah, I don't care for this single file street crossing crap.