31 January 2006

Sometimes it's a baby and sometimes it's a Wusthof.

So, if you don't blog an evening... did it really happen?

Claire and I had the pleasure of Josh and Seth's company for dinner last night. We drank a whole lot of wine:

And we ate lovely food, mostly prepared by Claire (I was the sous, and I didn't harass or boss or anything. I did, however, hone the knife for her. The Wusthof is my baby.). The texture and consistency of the stew was perfect, the flavors piquant. All in all, an extremely well-executed Moroccan-style stew (that was blessedly sans olives).

For dessert, we had a clementine and pomagranate salad and some brownies my sister baked.

Obediah marched from lap to lap as we were polishing off the vat of wine (how on earth did we do that?), because there is nothing more frustrating to a cat than to lose attention to food.

Here are Obie's deep black soulless eyes:

After dinner we retired to the drawing room for cigars and brandy. Seth did a little juggling. I did not know that Seth juggles (nor did I know that typing "juggle" a few times could be so hilarious). He is clearly a very talented man. Observe a too-dark multi-burst shot I took of The Amazing Seth:

Then we watched a mediocre episode of Lost (from last week). Good times were had by all.

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Joshua said...

Ha, that is a funny word in print: "juggles."