19 January 2006

Claire has her obsession with gross pictures of ugly dogs, cycloptic cats, and corneas, and I have my obsession with gross animals (though to my credit, I did not post about that new breed of scorpion yesterday).

Today, I bring you Nomura's jellyfish. As big as a sumo wrestler (like 200 kilos), and apparently turning up in Japanese fishing waters by the thousands. They break fishing nets and crush the fish within them.

Oh, and they're TERRIFYING.
Now, unlike the disappointment of the giant squid, we have a basis of comparison with this thing due to the diver swimming next to it. I appreciate this. Now, I can safely say I will never go swimming anywhere near Japan. Ever. Holy God. Would you look at that?

According to wikipedia, someone's developed a way to make tofu out of them, which makes no sense at all.

The population spike could be due to that global warming we hear so much about. At what point do our fearless leaders get scared? Frog rain? I mean... THE INVASION OF GIANT JELLYFISH?


tobs said...

what in the name of god is a kilo?

Sheena said...

kilowatt of electric power.

I believe in 'murrica we measure it in square pounds. Or acres. Or was it hands?

Flushy McBucketpants said...

i believe 200 kilos is like 450 lbs. that's one humongo jell-o fish.

claire said...

it's definitely hectares.

that's a lot of hectares. Awesome.