24 January 2006

Uh... gooaaalll?

This is not me. ------->
It is, in fact, Carles Puyol, a Catalan footballer
and captain of F.C. Barcelona.

But, I see where you'd get confused, because
Mr. Puyol is wearing handsome blue socks. ------>

I also have handsome blue socks.

As you can see, I've turned to wikipedia to find a footballer who shares the number I wear on Castle Grey Skull F.C. That would be the number 5 (you big Grey Skull fans may remember that I wore 11 last week, but we had a sizing issue among the ladies, and I swapped for a large jersey with a smaller number). When I first got this number, I thought "Hey cool, it's Nomar's number." But then I realized I couldn't go around playing soccer with Nomar in mind. And, since I am a child who needs to know what famous athlete has the same number, I did a little research and am quite satisfied to share 5 with Puyol. And thus far, it appears to be lucky for me.

That's right, sports fans. Due to keeper misjudgement, physics, and a rip in the space-time continuum, I managed to score a goal on Sunday. An extremely slow-moving chip over the keeper's head... about thirty seconds (it seemed) after the match began. He couldn't believe it, I could believe it, our teammates couldn't believe it. But hey, it's a good way to start. And as my father has said, it's better to be lucky than good (at least sometimes). I followed that solid start later in game with my new signature move: falling on my ass (from a standstill) for no apparent reason with no players or ball anywhere near me. Awesome! Carles would be proud, no?

We kept our opponents, called the Shin Kickers (a name that troubled me at first, because I bruise easily), in frantic defense for much of the first half, but unfortunately couldn't score on them again. After half time, we gave up three goals to them, and were only able to make up one to end the game in a tough loss.

We played with a whole lotta heart, though, and had some great passes and a few good (though unlucky) attempts at goals.

In our defense, though, the Shin Kickers had about a million subs. This was because they basically stocked their team with big dudes and one woman. Since you have to have two women playing at all times, they recruited three solid female players off of the other teams in the league (one of whom scored their winning goal). So, while we have followed the rules and have actual girls on our team, they just bring in some lady ringers. I suppose it's better than having to play against Maradona Jr. again, but still.... Sorta against the spirit of the co-ed league in the first place, right?

Their keeper in the second half was also a complete lunatic. At one point, after booting the ball down the court, towards our net, he screamed "In baby, in! Go in, baby!" He was pretty good and vocal about calling the movement of his players, but we didn't need the anthropomorphizing of the ball (he doesn't like it). Dial it down, sir.

It was still a fun game, and though it's never fun to lose, I was glad it wasn't some kind of crazy blow-out like our first game. Grey Skull's fighting the good fight, and having a laugh while we're at it.

image respectfully borrowed from http://www.fcbarcelona.com/


claire said...

He was also screaming, "the keeper is out of the box! the keeper is out of the box!" and when they did win (by a slim margin of one goal, let me add) he shrieked like he'd just single-handedly saved the world from atomic disaster. i'm just saying, he's a tool.

Flushy McBucketpants said...
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Flushy McBucketpants said...

Smaller numbers are slimming. Also, the crazy goal keeper's tourettes-like yelps did not bother me so much. My inability to get a ball past him (or really anywhere near him) did though. I'd like to kick his shins... and also his pancreas. Beat him like a piñata. Do you think he's filled with candy?

Sheena said...

It's true. I think the 5 makes me look svelte. Not as slim and tall as you, Will, in your sleek number 4, but I'll take it.

Ooh! Let's try it. Maybe he IS filled with candy.

We should also steal his gloves for Marty.

And don't you worry, we're gonna get that GD up.

Massi said...

Sheena, I just wanted to let you know that the number 5 jersey is also used by other good players.
For instance Costacurta, from AC Milan, or Mexes, from Rome, if you play defense. Or Stankovic, from Inter Milan (my favourite team), as midfielder. Unfortunately, Juventus has not assigned the 5.