29 January 2006

This is sort of what the weekend looked like

For some reason, Hello decided to transfer half the photos I asked it to do. Maybe I'll post those later... if you're lucky.

Anyway, the main reason I've been remiss for the past few days is that my lovely younger sister Bridget has been in town. It has been great fun. Saturday, after she and I woke early-ish (we are our mother's daughters), we got breakfast at Daisy's and then went for a walk in the park. Bridget, since she spends most of the year in Scotland, was so excited about the sunshine and warm-ish (thanks greenhouse effect!) dry air that she ran around kicking leaves.

Then we went to Saturday's soccer practice/scrimmage. I did not play well at all. But I did benefit considerably from our shooting drills and managed not to pull my hamstring. Rock.

After soccer, Claire, Josh, and I went to midtown for a party. We would never, ever, in a million years, go anywhere like midtown for a party unless it was for someone we like (which it was). We walked through Times Square and made sad faces, because Times Square is a place conceived in the mind of Dante Alighieri. True story. Virgil actually led us from the Subway to the bar. There were people being chased by bees running around in circles.

This is Josh and Claire on the train:

Many, many sad faces were made in Times Square. Then, when we arrived at the midtown bar, which was very very loud, we had to pass through several bouncers, an enchanted forest filled with Rodents of Unusual Size, and then we had to answer three riddles asked by a Griffin.

Our trials were awarded by being able to give our best to one soon-to-be L.A. dweller and a few birthday-celebraters, as well as partake in mini-cupcakes, and, of course, the almighty beer:

Will took this photo. I thought it was cool.

Sometimes it's fun to break away from the usual. Sometimes it's a little scary, but you pull through. So, you know, next week at the usual. There's no place like home...


Flushy McBucketpants said...

that's right, you righteous party-hats! worship the candle! its wax is the congealed blood of our lord and savior's brother, the almighty herbert, and its flame is his toupee. long may it burn.

Joshua said...

I feel like you put an unreasonably positive spin on the evening Sheen. That's a pretty good picture of the middle Mohan kicking leaves though.
I should have eaten more cupcakes at that party, that's what I shoulda done.

claire said...

man, i offered you the cupcakes. you turned your nose up at them, josh. you were too worked up about teh $5.50 beer to be able to enjoy the yummy frosting. oh man was it yummy. best thing about the evening, in fact. aside from the immediate company, of course

Cupcake said...

I never once felt any envy that y'all blew off my birthday party until I saw the words "mini-cupcakes". Pierce my heart with a frosting spreader, why don't ya?

claire said...

they were store bought and didn't hold a candle to what I imagine your cupcakes to be.

Joshua said...

yeah, your cupcakes were better. and claire I didn't eat any cupcakes because I was too busy trying to get drunk really quickly. Ultimately I gave up and tried to sleep on you instead.

Sheena said...

Ok. let's all just settle down.

I don't think it was an unreasonable positive spin. I mean, I hate midtown, but I love Lynne and Logan and don't see them as often as I should.

tobs said...

we're actually talking about cupcakes, right? because i remember an episode of golden girls where dorothy was talking about her cupcakes, but she wasn't really talking about cupcakes at all. it was gross.