16 January 2006

Long weekend by the numbers

Number of cats on my bed this morning: 3 (I know, I know. It's a wonder I'm single. Who doesn't want a piece of this?)

Prior to this photo, Gus (far left) was perched on my chest, succubus style (all nose-to-nose, purring in what cat-speak is likely something akin to "Kalimah! Kalimaaahhhh! " as he pressed all of his 14 lbs down through one foot onto my sternum).

Evenings spent at Buttermilk with the usual suspects: 2
Pints of Brooklyn Brown Ale consumed: Ugh, don't remember... many?
Cosmopolitans consumed (with some chagrin...): 1 (Thanks Seth!)
Pizza eaten: Lots
Late-night fisticuffs witnessed: 1, intense
Soccer games won: 1 (woot woot!)
Goals scored in games that counted: 0. In games that did not count: 1
Severity of post-soccer pain on a ten-point scale: 4 Last weekend: 50
Failed attempts at seeing Brokeback Mountain: 1
Netflix DVDs conquered (because when they've been sitting around the apartment for weeks, it's not about watching or enjoying, it's about winning): 2.5
Instances of harassment by cats: 80 (give or take)
Hot Stove opining with Dad: 15 minutes (gosh darn it, if you're trading Manny, you'd better friggin' get Miggy)
Episodes of Lost watched (on Seth's ipod): 6
Consequent collective gratitude to Mr. Seth as a result: immeasurable
Cigarettes bummed for Seth as a result of blind gratitude: 1 (Why did I do that?)
Current temperature: balls-cold
Wind speed on walk home from Buttermilk last night: eleventy billion knots
Number of beers it would have taken to make that walk warmer: infinity
Doorknobs in apartment busted: 1
Strangers I called "You fucker!": 1

All in all, a pretty good weekend. Happy (slightly belated) MLK Jr. Day!

And finally, see how Appomattox likes Excel spreadsheets:

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claire said...

it's really the wheezy snort/purr that gets you. that's when you know your soul has been sucked out through your nostrils. that's when he says "kalimaaaaaa, kkkaaalimaaaaaaa"

tobs said...

seth is smoking again?

Sheena said...

He is. He blames the French....