13 April 2006

I've got your two zuzim right here.

As Claire has deftly recounted, we hosted a seder at our place last night, featuring whole wheat matzoh, many bottles of wine, and delicious pesadiccha comestibles lovingly crafted or purchased by the seder participants. Claire even got an extra chair, so one of us didn't have to sit on a stack of cats. I took a few pictures. I imagine Josh's will be pretty good, as he actually remembered to take pictures of people.

Here's the table all ready for the seder

A slightly closer shot of the seder plate. I helped put it together!

My contribution to the meal: Nutella Cake (a Nigella Lawson recipe... it calls for a whole jar of Nutella. She's a smart lady, that Nigella). Yummy.

More flourless cake porn. The time-consuming part of the recipe is skinning the hazelnuts. The key to that is to do it in full view of your family or roommate. Then they'll take pity on you and help. Actually, if you boil them for a few minutes with some baking soda in the pot, they'll slide right out of their skins.

All in all, it was good fun to be honorarily Jewish for the evening. And the whole thing went pretty well. The food was excellent (big round of applause for Ms. Claire and her brisket, greenbean, and charoset-preparing), the company lively. Chris managed to survive the cats for about three hours, which was miraculous. The only thing missing was Elijah. And, you know, Jesus. But I don't think they want me to say that. *shhhhhhh*

Well done, people. Happy Passover!
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Cupcake said...

That's a lovely Nutella Cake. I made some Nutella brownies for an Oscar Party and they were scrupmtious.

Is it just me, or is your Seder plate missing a shank bone? OMG! Look how Hebraic I've become! LOL!!

Somewhere, my father, and the Baby Jesus, weep at what can only been forecasted as my impending conversion.

Sheena said...

We waited too long to find the shank bone, and had to substitute beets. Apparently, this is what vegetarian Jews put on their seder plate. Who knew?

Ed Cone said...

My thought at seder was that two zuzim just does not go as far as it used to.

Also, what the hell kind of a cat can eat a kid?

Sheena said...

Maybe the kid is really, really small. .

I'm pretty confindent that my ginormous cat could tuck into a very small goat. Though, he'd have to muster an interest in killing said goat. And that's asking a lot.

What is a zuzim anyway?