20 April 2006

Help me help ME.

People! There is a punctuation error in this blog post. Yes, I was ill when I wrote it, and yes none of you cares about this as much as I do, but humor me, or I'll just get crazier.

I am one woman! I can't do this by myself! I make mistakes!

This is an artist's rendering of me leading us to punctuation victory. Please be advised that in real life, I am doing this with my shirt on.

Listen: you can't let me walk around on the dead bodies of punctuation idiots by myself. I'll just look silly. Help me out! Keep me honest!

Can you hear the people sing?
They're singing the songs of angry men.
It is the music of a people who will punctuate again!

With a comma at the start, and a full-stop at the end,
A sentence we shall write when this verse is done.


Joshua said...

I'm confused. what are you asking us to do here?

claire said...

wow. i think some sort of threshold was passed here. i'm not sure which one.

Sheena said...

I'm asking you to identify my grammatical and punctuation mistakes as they occur. In the post I linked to, I wrote "who's arm" instead of "whose arm."

This is a nasty little erratum. And, while I read and edit most of my posts very thoroughly, I need the People (that would be you) to come through for me when something escapes my notice. If I'm always barking about punctuation in grammar, it simply won't do if I make those same mistakes.

It's like the subway. If you see something, say something. Basically, I'm inviting everyone to make my lunacy a participatory sport.

Though apparently no one noticed and I'm just a barking lunatic with a little punctuation flag, walking around a field by herself.

Vive l'apostrophe!

Sheena said...

It was meant to be the funny threshold, Claire.

What, a punctuation and grammar sticklerism revolution modeled on the Revolution in France isn't funny?

Photoshopping Delacroix isn't funny?

Modifying the lyrics of Les Miz isn't funny?

I need a nap.

claire said...

oh don't get me wrong. it was hilarious.

i'm just not sure if it was funny haha. or funny, you know, the other thing.

you know i love you, baby.

you modifying les miz is the highlight of my life right now. also, it's stuck in my head. and you'll pay for that later. mark my words.