06 June 2006

I prefer "charmingly eccentric," thank you.

Here now is the final installment of photos from "The 36-Hour Bender; Boy Are We Stupid (Or Brilliant?)."

Friday night was mussels night. After an abortive effort to save the three or four little bivalves (out of six pounds) who survived the trip from Fresh Direct (here it should be noted that six pounds of dead and dying mussels in your kitchen is unpleasant), we got fresh and kicking ones at Whole Foods, whom we coached to stay alive during the hot and stupid trip home.

The Whole Foods mussels were interesting because they varied widly in size from the ginormous to the medium, to the eensy-weensy. We determined, during the scrubbing and debearding process, that whomever found the smallest mussel on their plate would win a prize.

I am pleased to report that I won! My prize? The littlest mussel for my very own. I ate him, washed out his shell, and dubbed him Maurice Le Mignon (AKA "The Littlest Mussel").

I brought him along to the Brooklyn Brewery and bought him a tasty Pennant Ale to make up for steaming him alive in a nice wine sauce.

See how wee he is?

Here are Claire and Andy enjoying the sights and sounds of the Brooklyn Brewery tasting room.

Here are two blurry attempts at capturing a dude with an amazing popped collar. The second one is better, but we really failed to effectively capture him.

Claire and Lara in Beacon's Closet.

Seth, adorned with umbrellas:

Look! Look! A picture in which Josh is smiling!

The rather frightening phallus piñata at Lara's friend's birthday party. It sagged so dramatically because of the humidity.

Claire attempts to bob against the music. It requires incredible concentration and fortitude of will.

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tobs said...

you think you know popped collars in brooklyn? come to chapel hill, where the collars pop like wine... flows.

leah said...

maurice is a-fucking-dorable. i was going to say that i couldn't remember the last time i felt this level of affection for a bivalve, but i really can't remember the last time i felt this warmly towards anything.

Sheena said...

You may have more, Tobs, but ours are more alarming due to their infrequency.

Leah - I must remember to introduce you to Maurice soon. He's a real charmer.

Also, the carting with your dog thing is fantastic. You're my hero.