22 May 2006

Why, I haven't seen you since the diworce.

Josh has expertly documented many aspects of the weekend in Philly, so go chez Kitten Loss for photos and commentary of the Joshy persuasion. Soon, I will sort out the camera issue and post my own pictures (including an apostrophe usage violation that I documented at the Mütter Museum and Seth's improbable rally cap).

It was fantastic to see my very good friend Dave, who is married to the lovely and wonderful Sìobhan. They live in West Philly and consequently often have the theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stuck in their heads. Wait, just me? Their hospitality is unparalleled and I think I speak for Josh and Seth as well when I say we hope to wine and dine them in Brooklyn soon.

We were blessed with marvelous weather all weekend, less the windy conditions at our seats in Citizen's Bank Park on Friday night, where the mighty Red Sox had an excellent game vs. the Phillies (sorry Josh and Seth...but only sort of). David Ortiz (perhaps in response to Josh screaming that he sucks) hit a homer, as did the wonderful Mike Lowell.

Other feats of athleticism included me needing to lie down in Rittenhouse Sqare Park due to an aching lower back (pictured, thanks to Josh), and Sìobhan's cat Magellan flinging a toy so high it hit the ceiling.

Now that the weeklong birth-stravaganza has concluded, I have realized that I am very tired and our refrigerator has become scary. Not just because it creaks like The Haunted Refrigerator when you open it, but because it is full of things that should have been consumed or chucked long ago. This happens every month or two when the social schedules have us out of the apartment for long stretches. The milk is a ticking time bomb, the leftover pakoras are getting soggy, and we have more bottles of Guinness than we do eggs. We bravely finished off the somewhat-icy Ben & Jerry's last night, but now I need to find a recipe that calls for potatoes, dried-out gorgonzola, an egg, and Guinness. Thoughts? Oh, and I still have lots of lemon curd. Clotilde is right. It's very good on toast, though I fear I should not consume quite that much sugar at breakfast.


Joshua said...

It was nice showing you around. And now you know how great Philly is.

claire said...

this is what happens when you leave me alone. i don't open the fridge. and scary things start growing.

it DOES creak like The Haunted Mansion. we should get some WD-40.