19 May 2006

I think I'm in Taradise.

Last night, a few of the gang took in Architecture in Helsinki at Avalon. They were great. Skipping around the stage and swapping instruments in a madcap musical orgy. They remind me a bit of New Zealand's Brunettes (or, as I enjoy calling them, "Th' Brunits"), but more electronicy. Also a little nuttier.

Anyway, the music was great (I was nervous that aforementioned electronicy-ness would make for a sub-par live performance, but I needn't have worried). Less great was the gaggle of 16-year olds in the house, many of them apparently skipping their prom for the event (needless to say, they knew the rules of attending the rock show).

Then there was a young lady who, in the light, looked a lot like Tara Reid, except she managed to keep her top on. Also like Tara Reid, she was in a fugly dresser, with a dress over a pair of pegged jeans. Not a tunic-y dress, mind, but that kind that spins.

Also, young not-Tara was with a friend. And they had just come out of some kind of vow of silence and did. Not. Shut. Up. For. The. Whole. Show. Luckily, I was standing close to them, so much of their conversation was screamed into my ear. The best part, of course, was when they began with the dancing. Into me. I had to surrender my spot and retreat, so troubled am I lately by the touchy from the strangers.

Before I wimped out (Claire hates people as well and is much better about standing firm at concerts) however, I did consider going all Vicky Pollard on her ass (see below, it'll make you happy). But you can't stay mad when there's happy crazy Australian music going on. No sir.


Joshua said...

Yes, and then she slammed danced into me the rest of the show. It should be noted that she looked like a pre-nasty Tara Reid, i.e. the American Pie one, not that whore one.

Cupcake said...

Seriously, you guys get out. And you still find time to read and refer articles to each other from Slate, Salon, The Times, The Observer... Are you robots?

Sheena said...

No, just a bit overextended.

But the bags around our eyes make us look like zombies.

Hard-partying Brooklyn Brown (and Lager)-drinking zombies.

tobs said...

yea, that was fun you guys. what? i wasn't there? are you sure?