01 May 2006

There's foxglove for you... and bergamot.

Hooray! My camera will talk to my computer again! Apparently, they were in some kind of fight. Anyway, here are some pictures of from the Botanic Gardens outing on Saturday. The cherry blossoms were in "peak" bloom.

Also in peak bloom were the crowds of people looking at the cherry blossoms in the Botanic Gardens. These two people in the foreground did not know that their team would suffer a defeat at the hands of the Red Sox tonight. Yeah, too bad about that Johnny Damon going 0-fer.

Lilacs are the New Hampshire state flower. Pretty, aren't they?

Here's a picture of Josh looking mysterious in some grape arbor shadows.

Josh's Flickr photo page has lots of really great photos from the Gardens, if you haven't seen them. Way to work that aperture, Josh.

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Joshua said...

Thanks Sheena! And Thank you Seth for explaining tekmology to me for the nth time.