25 July 2006

You can't fool me.

I'm on to Them. Whomever They are.

They thought they could get us to overlook an idiot spelling choice because Will Smith is in this movie with his very cute son and sometimes people (myself included) enjoy subpar movies (um... Bad Boys II) wherein Mr. Smith runs around. The three-piece suit in this picture tells me that there won't be any running around to speak of. And while the cockles of my heart are heated to a faint glow by watching the misters Smith onscreen together in the trailer, I will not be swayed. No sir.

I don't know why. Probably the same reason that there is (or was, God willing) a tv show called "Numb3rs" or a that someone got away with the second L in "Lucky Number Slevin" being written as an upside-down 7.

And the reason for those things happening? I'm not sure, but it could be head trauma or heavy drug use. It's difficult to believe these people are allowed to operate cars or vote.


tobs said...

presumably the child's name is "happy" or something. or Damien. either way.

Sheena said...

Hm... well, that's sort of acceptable. And, admittedly, a scenario I hadn't considered.

Still, it seems like Arthur Miller is the only one who can pull that off.

My guess is that Arthur Miller didn't write the script for this movie.

leah said...

ooh, i saw a preview for this in the theater on monday night, and thought to myself: "self, sheena's just going to haaate this."

my understanding is that it's an allusion to the background of will smith's character. he's supposed to be a self-made man, with little education and no financial business background, who makes a fortune trading stocks.

in essence, he don't need no fancy schoolin'.

Sheena said...

Firstly, I am delighted that my insanity brings me to your thoughts at a movie theater on a Monday night.

Second, even self-made men should spell things correctly. Otherwise, how do they expect me to take them seriously?

The English language is a beautiful thing. We should treat it with love and respect. There's nothing elitist or fancy about doing something right.

Flushy McBucketpants said...

... regardless of whether there is a reason, it still just looks like an error as opposed to an obviously designed mistake. So, they look like idiots even if they meant to look like, well, I guess, idiots on purpose.

Erin said...

Just saw the book in McNally Robinson. We can't blame Will Smith entirely; it is the memoir of some man named Gardner.