06 November 2006

Diwali is a festival of lights....

I was tempted to congratulate myself on posting so hot on the heels of my last effort, but then I realized that these photos are a week old and, well...

Anyway, here are some pictures of my compatriots at work on the night of Halloween and a few from the previous Saturday, which was Halloween, (drunkenly) Observed For the Purposes of Partying. The chronology may be a little bitched up, but stay with me.

Here's Dan[imal], the nighttime grill cook. His official costume on Saturday night was Clean Sanchez, superhero who fights crimes of the sexually perverse. His Halloween night costume was hat-based to avoid long sleeves catching fire and whatnot, so he sort of looked more like a Gay Mexican. Here he displays a plate of chicken nachos.

Here's my boss, Aeva, and her mother, Jess. At 14 months, Aeva is deeply enamored of skeletons and scary witches, but Jess's chicken costume was more than she could take. She ran away when Jess made her first appearance....

Aeva, as you can see, was dressed as a laser of cute. So... much... cute.

Here's Chelsea, dressed as a pink bunny. Heather, in the background, was an elven archer, replete with pointy ears.

Jen, a beer wench.

Mike, sporting another hat-based costume. It's at a jaunty angle, to the north-east.

Izzy's barber-shop quartet-style hat.

John, dressed as "Random things found in the restaurant's office." Smashing.

Josh told fortunes whilst washing dishes.

Jay, one of the fabulous bartenders, as a sleepy cowboy. Sure can't quit him.

Amy, a woodland fairy. She also had pointy ears.

Here's Aeva, again, inspecting our decorations. Note how she's not frightened of the witch hiding behind the tree.

This is me, perhaps the day after Halloween, sporting one half of The Great American Hat Swap of 2006. Mike took my awesome tweedy hat on tour with his band, and left this Fidel-ish one in exchange. It's a new plateau in our friendship, you see.

Rewind to Saturday. Bridget, jetlag up the wazoo, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and ready to party.

I got all pirated up and off we went to see aforementioned local band play in Manch-Vegas. Here's an extreme close-up at the show.

Juliana, decked out as a fabulous Cleopatra.

Then I got distracted and didn't take any more blog-worth photos.... so let's fast-forward back to Halloween and the super cute parade of children that went by the restaurant in the middle of the day.

Here's a kid dressed as Gene Simmons from KISS, mugging for the camera.

A cowgirl, replete with horse. Soooo cute.

Here's another good one... a praying mantis.

And, the thing de la resistance: a tornado! He has little matchbox cars and whatnot glued to body of the tornado. He was a rather intense little kid, and the costume was a bit unweildy, but I tip my cap to him. Very cute and creative, considering the eleventy billion kids in Darth Vader outfits.


claire said...

but i didn't get to see you in your pirate glory!

very sad.

you'll have to wear the costume again this weekend. or something.

brooklyn ho!!!!!

Joshua said...

Those kids, in the words of the great Leah, are as cute as bunnies vomiting rainbows.

It looks like you work with a very nice crew of people with the kinds of names one might expect restaurants employees in NH would have. A dishwasher named Josh? Get out of town.

I can't wait for you come south and prepare gourmet meals for us.

Did I tell you I finally tried foie gras? I liked it, but it was almost too decadent, kind of like eating a stick of butter-but richer and tastier obviously.

Hatty said...

The tornado kid is brilliant. Is that his mom holding up the costume? Anyway, I'm so stoked your coming down for the weekend. I truly hope you can make it to the party as well as hang out in a dark bar with some brew-dogs. Perhaps you might be able to play in one or several soccer games Friday night?

erin said...

You are on del.icio.us!!! By someone other than me! The note calls you a waitress in NH. I feel like assuring him you are so much more than that!