18 December 2006

Wha Happened?

Yes, changes are afoot. I've gotten into this "re-do your blog in Beta" craze.

I'm trying the new title on for size... a cheeky reference to my delusions of culinary grandeur, you see.

Anyway, bear with me as I find the time to futz with the template (those titles to the right are terrifyingly large... I'm gonna work on that, I swear) and post things that might amuse or titillate (Oh, who am I kidding... things that amuse and titillate me and maybe also Claire, but mostly in that indulgent way).

I haven't dropped off the earth, it's just a little crazy 'round these parts.

There's a couple of things I simply must post about soon, namely "How to Pick Up Your Bartender"(an offshoot of earlier instructional posts) and also "The Thing That Made Me Happy to the Point of Joyful Tears."

Who's excited? Just me? Well, stay tuned.


claire said...

my amusement is never indulgent. ok. well, very rarely. i'm sure less than your amusement at me is indulgent.

but only slightly.

i am very excited.

Joshua said...

You get on that! How to pick up a bartender is the kinda thing people should know. Well not me, but someone.